Three Tickle Guys EP

by Crow Bait

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5 song demo EP of melodic, haunting punk rock/pop-punk from members of: Jonesin', Iron Chic, Wax Phantom, Sister Kisser, Halfway To Hell Club.


released June 29, 2011

This was recorded by the Great Gordini @ Dead Broke HQ in the kitchen. Mixed & Mastered by Beak-mon. Art by: Lubrano @ Righteous Indignation.

Tape release on Dead Broke Rekerds 2011.



all rights reserved


Crow Bait Holbrook, New York

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Track Name: Tragic Fall
You lay on the bed
and I cant look in your eyes
because I can't cope
with my dark past this time.

Havent felt this in forever and a day,
do you remember all the stupid things I used to say?
I try to forget how I've always been
no I can't erase it, no I can't erase me.

Like a dark path hidden
with no light at all now
am I self-destructing once again my friend?
and taking it all down.

This isn't the last time
that I'll feel this empty space
who knows what I'll be
as I shiver up and age?
I try to forget what I've never been,
no I can't erase it.
Track Name: Callin' Yer Bluff
There is no secret
Not that anyone could name
Some take cues from ancient books
Instructions to a game
We know our weakness
So acuity shouldn't be blamed
For dreaming up some untouched land
Never to be claimed
To that edge all inching forward now
And to the sky as dust one day
Just as it began
I put the premise in question
Through the visions of a waking dream
Not a code to be deciphered
But a taste of the complete
A quick reflex to check my brain
In the mirror, searching
But the message was lost
And the feeling's long gone from my senses
Still that edge is drifting closer now
Into the sky, I look some days
"If ya play kid you'll be okay
But all ya do is fight against the mightiest of waves.
And for nothing to change"
Track Name: Dizzy Spells
Shortness of breath has become habitual
(troubled breathing)
and now these days,
I'm fighting off these dizzy spells
(and I'm spinning)

I can't breathe and I can't eat
everything slips away from me
and I'm losing it.
weak and defeated just seems,
it just seems to be in me
and I can't see.

Stunning headaches
fainting, shaking, at a loss
(head is killing)
and these feelings of
regret & self-deprecation
(and I'm losing)

I have found myself
hoping for the worst again
sitting here in silence
I don't wanna feel a thing.
Track Name: Outbound
Cheek pressed to window, as dim lights fly by.
I see your face it's always in the back of my mind.
Am I drunk again?
Does it even matter?
Filtered air is all we'll ever feel.

I dialed you from a phone that said, "no outbound calls today."
You never tell the truth.
I just deal with it in my own way.

Always left in doubt, and never showing progress.
These hardened soles are searching for some solid ground.

It's so invasive, living in these borrowed times.
We don't tell each other how to mend our minds.
No we don't care where we're gonna fall tonight.
Track Name: Breathing Days
You just feel it out
Cause everywhere is all the same
Attached to the ground
But still feel like a stow away
Oh just go away
Take a number, get in line
The crushing waves
The cycle's spinning chain
It's been wrappin' round my brain
The grand scheme don't mean dick to me
When it comes to my breathing days
Oh yeah, I feel the weight
When it's coursing through my veins
But the question's old with welcomes overstayed
Still it doesn't wanna go away
Just slowly fades with life
The crisis was the clearing
Your closest thing to hearing
Something lost in time
I know you find it all so unattractive
To look upon a face so cold/distracted
So I expect this: Nothing.